Fishery Management

If you grew up in Wisconsin, chances are, you’ve had an opportunity to enjoy fishing. Our Wisconsin waters are some of the best in the world for fishing and overall enjoyment. However, lakes and ponds don’t always have perfect, healthy fisheries. Mother nature doesn’t always keep the aquatic ecosystem in balance. Managing the fish population and habitat is an essential part of any aquatic ecosystem. 

Native fish are an important part of any water body; not only for recreation, but also as a valuable tool for controlling weeds, algae, and insects. Our Biologists combined knowledge of fish behavior and habitat management will help you achieve your fishery goals.

Fishery Management Services:

MossBack Fish Habitats

MossBack Fish Habitats for different environments and fish species. Proper fish habitat is an important element to healthy fishery. Artificial habitat and other structure provides much needed cover for small fish and spawning area for certain species.

Texas Hunter Fish Feeders

Grow larger fish with a Texas Hunter Fish Feeder. Stocked at Lakeland Biologists. Installation and full service for automated feeders is available including routine visits to fill with feed and maintain feeder.