Pond Aeration Systems

Oxygen is a vital ingredient to the aquatic ecosystem. There are several ways to provide oxygen in ponds. The most common and effective way is by use of bottom diffused aeration. These air systems provide sufficient dissolved oxygen to the water. Our systems are sized according to your pond’s needs and are available as electrical units or solar powered. Each pond has a different biological oxygen demand (B.O.D.). Living organisms need oxygen in order to survive in the aquatic environment. 

As ponds age, there is a buildup of organic sediment on the bottom and nutrient loading to the pond. This can eventually cause large algae blooms and dense weeds, among other problems. The use of aeration has been proven effective in extending the life of a pond by simply providing oxygen to help microbes efficiently cleanse the pond and accelerate the decomposition process.

Aeration is a long-term management tool that allows continuous rejuvenation of ponds. Some key benefits are:

Lakeland Biologists specializes in design, installation and maintenance of pond & lake aeration systems. We offer complete installation packages or DIY kits. Popular brands available with full support.   Our Biologists will assist in designing an aeration system to fit your specific needs. All our systems come with self-sinking airline and an industry leading 4 year warranty for our compressors.