Retail Store

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Water Garden & Waterfall Products:

Pond and Pondless Kits, Underwater Lighting, Water Treatments, Pumps, Liner and Underlayment, Fish Supplies, Replacement Parts, Filters, Nets, Seasonal Supplies, Air Systems, UV Sterilizers, decorative and statuary accessories, indoor fountains, plant supplies and algaecides.

Large Aquatic Greenhouse:

Pond & Lake Products:

Lake Tools including rakes, cutters, and nets. Complete Air Systems and replacement parts, Fountains and parts, Algaecides, Aquatic Herbicides, and more.

​The Lakeland Biologists Retail Store is staffed with knowledgeable aquatic Biologists. We are experts in balancing ponds with all natural products and minimizing maintenance. Our staff can assist and direct you to the proper products and techniques required to reduce maintenance time and increase relaxation time by your water feature.

​We offer only the most effective all natural biological water treatments. Our experienced years of testing with most major brands has taught us what works and what does not. Why waste your time and money experimenting when we have already mastered creating low maintenance water features by combining the right water treatments.

​Our goal is to provide you with products that your happy with, advice that works and knowledge to lead you into more enjoyment of your water feature. We have years of professional experience caring for water features whether it’s a pondless waterfall in the backyard or a 4 acre pond stocked with trophy largemouth bass, Lakeland Biologists can provide the expertise you are looking for.

​We look forward to seeing you at our shop.